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Q. How does the key-lock work?

A. It is used to lock the dial from turning. You can lock the dial combination scrambled or open. Simply set the dial to "0", insert the key and turn half a turn counterclockwise. This will lock the safe. To unlock, turnkey half a turn clockwise, remove the key and either redial combo or turn dial back to opening position.

Q. Can I change the safe's combination?

A. If the safe is equipped with an electronic lock refer to the "Changing Your Combination" instructions in this manual. (The S&G operating instructions for biometric locks are included in your packet as well). If the safe is equipped with a mechanical dial lock you must contact a locksmith or your local dealer to have the combination reset.

Q. Why is the handle pointing in a different direction than it used to be?

A. The handle has a built in clutch mechanism. When the handle is forced it will slip left or right. To reset it simply force it back to it's original position when locked.

Q. What is routine maintenance and who is qualified to do it?

A. Routine maintenance is to keep your safes lock is in good working condition and may prevent costly lockouts. Most locksmiths can perform the work. Make sure that they are familiar with Sargent & Greenleaf® group II locks.

Q. What if I lose my keys or combination?

A. A Duplicate Key/Combination request form must be filled out and faxed along with a copy of the sales receipt to: (801) 465-2712. You can print a form from our website under the Owner Services tab or have one faxed or mailed by calling our toll free customer service line at (800) 247-5625, press 4.

Q. Can an electronic lock be installed on the safe?

A. Yes. Contact your dealer for details.


Please read carefully the safe warranty that accompanied your safe. If you encounter a problem that falls under the warranty coverage, simply call one of our CSR's at (800) 247-5625, press 4. You will be required to provide the serial number and proof of ownership if you have not sent in your warranty card.


Repairs to your safe covered under your warranty should not be performed without the pre-authorization of a Liberty customer service representative. The cost of any repairs performed without pre-authorization will be the sole responsibility of the owner.


Your safe is not waterproof. Should your safe be exposed to fire or water, the fire insulation of your safe will be compromised. In this event, make sure to have your safe opened as soon as possible. If your safe included firearms, remove them and have them cleaned and lubricated as soon as possible. Do not continue to store items in a safe that has been compromised by water or fire. You should purchase a replacement model in either case. INSURANCE COVERAGE Liberty safe does not insure the contents of your safe. A home-owner's policy or other insurance coverage should be purchased in an amount sufficient to cover the contents. Most home-owner's policies require the purchase of riders or endorsements on items such as guns, jewellery coins and other valuable collectibles. Should damage occur to your valuables, a claim should be made with your home-owners insurance. Check with your local insurance company for possible discounts that may be available with your purchase.